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Boot camp adds fuel to the fight in the gender war

January 31, 2014
By BILL FINNEGAN - Community columnist , Tribune Chronicle |

My curiosity was recently sparked by an article entitled "Why Pull-Ups are Harder for Women." It comes on the heels of a recent law permitting women equal access to front-line combat situations, which would require "man-like" strength and ability.

But this piece, written by Rachael Rettner, reports that many female Marines in boot camp are hard pressed to complete three pull-ups on an overhead bar. Thus, the question is asked, "Why do women find the exercise so difficult?"

This problem has caused the Marine Corps to delay this three-pull-up requirement for women, even though it is a minimum standard for men. The embarrassing setback came when "55 percent of female recruits could not complete the task."

They actually pursued an answer to the dilemma through Tim Hewitt, a sports medicine researcher from The Ohio State University. He verified that women have "about 40 percent less upper-body mass than men do."

This means that a woman's natural upper body is only about 50 to 60 percent as strong as a man's.

I look for the elimination of the "three pull-ups" as a requirement for the women recruits. But nothing will change the left's determination to "prove" that there's no real distinction between the genders. Thus, there will be no end to the double standard which exists in the "political correctness" arena.

Has anyone even considered lately that maybe women don't belong in "boot camp," trying to compete with men? Please hear me out before you cuss me out.

The above report regarding the female's upper body strength is a fact that should have been a matter of common sense. By design, men have superior physical strength for their roles as laborer, provider and protector.

Women are precious creatures who are indispensable to life on the planet! They don't belong out on the "front line," but need to be respected and protected for who they are women!

The truth is that, generally speaking, women can do anything men can do, but men cannot do some things a woman does, namely, bearing and mothering children. That tells me that, in many respects, women are stronger than men. I've come to that conclusion after living with a wonderful lady for almost 57 years!

The issue then is not equality, but God's purpose for the sexes. It's preposterous to attempt to make men and women something that they are not. To rub out the line between the genders can only lead to confusion and utter frustration. Have you watched TV lately?

Am I suggesting that there's no room for women in the military? Certainly not! While combat duty should be relegated to men, there are strategic support roles open for women.

I remember the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) established in 1942 during World War II. Women recruits entered their own basic training, and were expected to be in top physical condition. These women held strategic positions in many areas of military life, including investigative and administrative work, not to mention their extraordinary service as physicians and nurses.

Of course, such an idea would be ridiculed today, but would still make sense. It would dispel much of the frustration and immorality created by the "unisex" fantasy.

Unfortunately, the present demise of traditional marriage and family life would make such a plan impossible. Women are now attempting to demonstrate their "manlike" capabilities, as in the "three pull-ups" episode; in so doing, they are ignoring their lofty and unique estate of womanhood.

I believe that this has also had a profound influence upon the demise of true masculinity in the male gender. Suffice to say, this so-called "progressive" attitude has only served to confuse and corrupt a one-great nation. We are reaping what we've sown.

Finnigan is a Howland resident. Email him at



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