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A broader view of ‘identity theft’

December 14, 2013
By William Finnegan , Tribune Chronicle |

In this age of technology, there has been great concern for maintaining one's private identity. The epidemic of stolen credit cards, hacking personal information from Internet accounts, etc., is common knowledge.

In spite of annual notices of the "privacy act," assuring folks of the safety of their personal records, it's clear that individual privacy is almost a thing of the past. The Social Security card was once a strictly personal matter, making us unique individual citizens; but that scenario has changed, making us just another "number" whereby our most personal records now become public knowledge.

The present thrust toward socialized medicine and health care further exposes our privacy and limits our individual responsibility for health care. The scheme is to have the government supply, and thus control, the medical industry.

For the government to "confiscate" our medical records is to ultimately place the citizenry under federal control. No matter how you look at it, our identity is being stolen, and we are becoming "wards of the state."

We've been had! The institution of slavery is returning to America, only this time the format is more insidious and subtle.

On a deeper and more emotional level, this whole concept of "identity crisis" has been with us from the beginning of history. Human beings have always had a problem with low self-esteem and inferiority.

Before the widespread accessibility to mental health counseling, parents played that role in the midst of strong family units; children and young people were exposed to wise instruction and personal discipline.

The primary reason that "socialism" and the concept of a "classless society" is rising in America finds its root in the rejection of God's creation in favor of evolution.

If we all evolved from some lower form, then who are we? Are we just another animal? What is our identity? What makes us special and unique?

There's no answer to that question in the scheme of evolution. In fact, any specific hope and salvation in the future is also dashed to pieces. A godless theory has become a devious instrument to steal our God-given identity! These are strong words, but it's time to face the truth.

One of the unique factors that has made America great is its Judeo-Christian heritage.

While not a "Christian nation" per se, our forefathers gave more than lip service to the Bible. Not only were its precepts found in the religious community but in the judicial and educational system.

In light of the present attitude toward the Bible, it's astounding to know that the nation's first institution of higher learning was founded on the word of God. Harvard College was launched in 1636 in Massachusetts for the purpose of training ministers of the gospel of Christ. The same was true with the founding of Yale, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth, etc.

This tells us something of the mindset of the original colonies, and speaks to the clear identity and success of our nation. This also explains the individual ruggedness and stalwart character often cited by historians. Without excusing our own failures and corruption, this solid foundation clearly identifies the reason for the American dream, which has been unsurpassed by any other nation.

The progressives (socialists) who have grown in power over the last century hate to be reminded of our national identity. This rejection of our Biblical foundation explains the downplaying and/or omission of the U.S. history curriculum in our public schools.

Added to that is the removal of the Bible and the fight against the true meaning and open display of Christmas and Easter. That's why "happy holidays" is all but replacing "merry Christmas." The traditions that have fortified our uniqueness are now being overrun by unbiblical and left-winged forces, all under the guise of "tolerance."

Significantly, those who preach tolerance are totally intolerant of the traditions that have not only made our country great but a blessing to the whole world. Who has shown more compassion to the needy people across the globe than the USA? That which has readily identified us in the past is being minimized and stolen.

It's time - if there is time - to wake up. The bell is ringing. The thieves are at the door.

Finnigan is a Howland resident. Email him at



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