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To keep or not to keep poinsettias

November 26, 2012 I used to bring home several poinsettias to incorporate into my holiday decorating, but it has been several years since I’ve bought even one. more »»

Winter herbs aren’t always worth the effort

November 19, 2012 Because the National Garden Bureau has proclaimed 2012 as the Year of Herbs, I have a confession to make. I have never been successful at growing decent herbs indoors over the winter. more »»

Next year is Gerbera Daisy’s year

November 5, 2012 The National Garden Bureau has done it again. Even before the frost has settled on this year’s garden, they have gone about the task of announcing their picks for next season’s ‘‘Year of the... more »»

Plant a tree for someone you love

October 29, 2012 Perhaps it is because trees often live many years that it has become a tradition to plant them in memory of loved ones who have passed on. more »»

Don’t forget to plant spinach

October 22, 2012 It might be the end of October, and nights might be too cold to sit outdoors for long, but if you haven’t done one thing in the garden this fall, you should at least be planting spinac. more »»

Should we be making way for the stink bugs?

October 1, 2012 We should consider ourselves lucky. My daughter, who lives in Maryland, sent me a rather frantic text message a few days ago. more »»

Slow gardening with an expert

September 17, 2012 I was more than just a little excited to see that one of my favorite gardeners is coming to town. Well, close to town anyway. Felder Rushing will be lecturing at 7 p.m. Sep. more »»

The wait is over for Kousa pods

September 10, 2012 Every year for at least five, I’ve been waiting for my Kousa Dogwood to display seedpods. This year, it finally happened. more »»

Getting ready for the big move

September 3, 2012 We move twice a year. Not to a new residence, of course, but putting our indoor plants outside in the spring and bringing them inside in the fall is often like a major moving day. more »»

Time to talk about daylilies

August 27, 2012 A wise woman once told me (OK, it was Clara Miller from the Perennial Post in Mesopotamia), that the best time to plant daylilies is in the fall. more »»

Greenhouse leads to challenge

August 13, 2012 Tomatoes are the big deal in the garden this week. It’s no different at my house, but watermelon seems to be closing in. more »»

Place plants in the best spot

July 23, 2012 I’m always looking for ways to make gardening easier. more »»

Kohlrabi in the garden spotlight

July 16, 2012 I’m a vegetable fanatic. When it comes to eating the food on my plate, I gravitate toward the vegetables first and don’t care if I fill up before I get to the meat cours. more »»

Celebrating year of the herb with herb of the year

July 9, 2012 The National Garden Bureau named 2012 as the year of the herb, but sort of left us hanging as far as which herb we should be getting excited about. more »»

It’s almost time to plant peas

July 2, 2012 What? Didn’t you already plant peas in the spring? If you did, chances are you probably already harvested them as well, since they are a cool weather crop, grow quickly and hate the heat. more »»

Cabbage a vegetable fit for kings

June 25, 2012 Whenever I think of cabbage, I remember a photo of my two children at ages 8 and 9 holding up two huge cabbages harvested from our garde. more »»

Witch hazel still fascinating

June 18, 2012 When I was a young girl, I used witch hazel on my face as an astringent. more »»

Weed wars can be won, lost

June 11, 2012 The older I get, the harder the battles seem to be. I can handle the hairy galinsoga that infiltrates my vegetable garden every summe. more »»

Planning doesn’t end on holiday

May 28, 2012 There are basically two times during the season when I feel totally overwhelmed with my garden. The last week of May is the first time. more »»

Stubborn plants interesting

May 21, 2012 When many people hear the word Iris, they immediately think of large showy bearded iris flowers. more »»



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