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Hang up, my pocket’s on hold

January 24, 2010 I have a growing collection of photos of the inside of my pants pocket. I don’t mean to. It’s one of those technology things. more »»

Whatfore is the sense in The Bard’s language?

January 17, 2010 Whyfore didn’t I know? And howfore did I get involved? The error in fact — if, in factfore it was an error — was printed on another news site in another stat. more »»

Turn the page – if there is one

January 10, 2010 I am writing a book. As are about 80 percent of the people I know, so that’s not the unusual part. more »»

‘You see, but you do not observe’

January 3, 2010 I was talking to my wife on the phone when the woman walked in. ‘‘Wow!’’ I exclaimed. ‘‘Chris changed her hair. more »»

Warning: This column may cause chuckling

December 27, 2009 Using cell phones causes brain cancer. Or maybe not. True or false, one legislator wants the warning sign plastered on the device. more »»

Dinner at the Cap’n’s table

December 20, 2009 Cap’n Crunch and I are men ahead of our time. Or behind it. I’m not sure which. When I was a bachelor, I ate breakfast cereal for supper most nights. more »»

Dead bugs for gift? It’s art

December 13, 2009 Call it art and slap a big price tag on it and just about anything instantly transforms into a lavish Christmas gift. Take, for example, the African flower beetle. more »»

Guide to gifting with grace

December 6, 2009 If there’s one thing I know, it’s gift givin. more »»

Holiday shopping requires referees

November 29, 2009 Thanksgiving is over and I see the shadows of Christmas shopping circling around me, like vultures in gift wrap. Guys like me dread this time of year. more »»

Be smart, eat chocolate

November 22, 2009 Not only is chocolate a health food, it makes you smarter, too! Smart people – by that, I mean chocolate eaters – are waving the studies to prove it. more »»

Bunny business on Turkey Day

November 15, 2009 In retrospect, it still sounds like an interesting experiment. I wish someone would let me close enough to run the next test. more »»

Pick a pocket, any pocket

November 8, 2009 I stepped into the chill of winter’s first blast, the old parka bundled overtop my flannel shirt. more »»

It’s a bad day for ‘John Doe’

November 1, 2009 Bob from Warren is having a bad day. A whole bunch of them, most of which he can’t remember. I suppose that’s not so unusual considering his bad days go back several centuries before he was born. more »»

It’s time to take the shot, but which one do I need most?

October 25, 2009 If we’re going to be pestered to death about inoculations we should receive, at least there ought to be some practical ones in the stockpile. more »»

How I ran into my wife

October 18, 2009 Today is our first wedding anniversary. I shall be eating a year-old and likely stale wedding cake, which I hope will have a chance to thaw out first. more »»

Nothing annoys, you know, like grating words

October 11, 2009 The winner is, like ... whatever. At the end of the day, Americans find ‘‘whatever’’ to be the most annoying word in conversations. more »»

For the love of your lawn, let missing rakes lie

October 4, 2009 The leaves are beginning to change colors, and you know what that means — that’s right, it’s nearly time to try to remember where you last left the rake. more »»

Snake tale stings boys using it as toy

September 27, 2009 The snake was lying on the roadway, flattened about the head a bit, but otherwise in excellent condition. ‘‘Ooh, we gotta do something,’’ Ollie said. more »»

Welcome to our ape overlords

September 20, 2009 Baby chimps are smarter than baby babie. more »»

My fat is my sweetie’s fault

September 13, 2009 Are you, like me, married? Then take heart — and another helping of dessert. Your fat isn’t your fault. It’s your spouse’s. more »»



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