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Dying to Live

April 3, 2012 They would not leave him until he woke: A unanimous decision. For now, his instability had ceased and Melody was checking on him. more »»

Liberty Speech and Debate grows

March 31, 2012 The Liberty Speech and Debate team has been working very hard this past season. The team has grown much larger over the years. There are currently 25 to 30 students in the club. more »»

Dying to Live

March 31, 2012 The girls hit the dirt as an invisible Brody flying-tackled them. Never before had they failed to locate an assassin before they’d been shot a. more »»

Tyler ‘Lou’ going for national title

March 24, 2012 Tyler Luonuansuu is a pretty interesting guy. Not only is this JFK senior a competitor in state on national high school speech competitions, he’s also written two novels. more »»

Dying to Live

March 24, 2012 “They should be here by now. The sun is directly overhead; it’s definitely noon.” “Relax, Mel. We’ll give them a few more minutes before we hunt. more »»

A new kind of revolution

March 15, 2012 In a world of social media, a new kind of revolution has been brewing-an internet revolution. On March 5, 2012, a video was posted to YouTube with the title “Kony 2012. more »»

Dying to Live

March 15, 2012 Blood. It had covered the twins’ black body-suits and exposed legs. Moving as a single unit, they holstered their handguns. more »»

Dying to Live

March 15, 2012 Tight-lipped, the two girls that seemed to be twins surveyed the damage that had been wrought on what had once been a thriving city. more »»

College Countdown: Choosing the right school

March 15, 2012 Throughout my high school career I have always dreaded the day that I would be forced to determine my future by choosing the ‘perfect’ college. more »»

The Borrowing Power: Should the Sky be the Limit?

March 15, 2012 When the framers first created the Constitution of the United Stated of America, they gave Congress the power to borrow money. more »»

Troop 65 Forest Patrol captures Winter Event

March 15, 2012 There were 28 patrols that took part in the annual Arrowhead Council Winter Event on Jan. 21. A series of 10 games and activities challenged the young men in the skills they learned in Boy Scouting. more »»

A random act of kindness

February 3, 2012 Little acts of kindness happen everyday, but do we even recognize the fact that they have happened to us, or that we have done the act to somebody else? Someone holding the door open for someone... more »»

Going pink for the cure

February 3, 2012 On Saturday, Jan. 21, John F. Kennedy High School hosted Newton Falls at their home pink-out basketball game. more »»

Power of the Pen district tournament

February 3, 2012 Results: Grade Seven Individual Winners 1. Mickey Mcintyre, Howland Middle School 2. Taylor Hopkins, Howland Middle School 3. Tessa Snider, Holy Family School 4. more »»

The Year of Speech

January 21, 2012 People talking to walls, getting up at 6 AM on Saturday mornings, and pages and pages of research-all signs and symptoms of Speech & Debat. more »»

Dead Girl?

January 21, 2012 “Tomorrow is it.” Those words echoed like a bad dream as Liam and I walked silently side by side. The day had been determined, and here it was. more »»

Hidden cameras in the bathrooms

January 21, 2012 At Warren G. Harding, the restrooms are not monitored in any fashion. Once in a while a teacher or administrator might walk in, but other than that, the restrooms are pretty much free. more »»

Student Sports Could Count As Phys. Ed. Credit

January 21, 2012 In high school you have the choice to play a sport or not to play a sport. Regardless Physical Education is a must in most schools in the area. What if playing a sport could count as a Phys. Ed. more »»

Dead Girl?

January 21, 2012 Not for the first time, I sat at Liam’s study hall table, completely unbeknownst to the other kids around u. more »»

The ‘99%’ occupies Warren

December 27, 2011 While nearly everyone in the United States knows about the Occupy movement very few know exactly what they stand for. more »»



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