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Some have privelege of better health care

December 1, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: Free health care: A new heart for 70-year-old former Vice President Dick Cheney. The average American is not eligible at this age. I guess privileged people get privileged care. more »»

Climate change is science, not politics

December 1, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: It is important to forget politics and remember science when addressing the long warm autumns that we experience. more »»

Not ‘evil,’ but a founding principle

December 1, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: As Americans, we have the right to disagree on public policies and the right to publicly state our opinions, and of course freedom of speech should always be protected. more »»

Civil Rights Act brought changes here

November 27, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: Having been born in the city of Warren and spent my entire life here, I have a vivid memory of what growing up as a young child in this city was like in the early 1940. more »»

Book may reflect current state of U.S.

November 27, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: Currently reading a book titled “Can the Government Go Bankrupt?” by Richard Rose and Guy Peters. more »»

When will we see benefits from oil boom?

November 24, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: I was wondering why the gas and oil boom in Trumbull County has not filtered down to the local citizens in the way of increased gas lines so we the citizens can take advantage of the ga... more »»

Speaker gave wonderful local talk

November 24, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: The DeYor Performing Arts Center at the majestic Edward W. Powers Auditorium offered the setting for a beautiful melody of words last Monday night in downtown Youngstown. more »»

Another government bait and switch

November 24, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: Poorly constructed foundations lead to substandard end results which in turn will always cost more money to fix and redesign over and over again; versus tearing down the entire structur... more »»

Game cancellation let the bad guys win

November 24, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: Concerning the cancellation of the Nov. 1 Harding-Lorain football game: I am sad for our seniors, whether football players, cheerleaders, majorettes or band members. more »»

Can’t blame it all on previous president

November 24, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: I almost believed in the words of Robert Reich, or rather, that he even put them out for publishing, “If you are on the right, you worry about taxes and regulations stifling innovation,... more »»

Champion BOE has done well for district

November 24, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: I want to compliment the Champion Board of Education on the outstanding leadership of its members. more »»

Job well done to Howland basketball

November 24, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: Orchid to the Howland Boys varsity and junior varsity basketball teams and their coach, Bill Bogan. more »»

School district should honor its alumni

November 24, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: I had the pleasure of attending an induction ceremony for the Howland Achievement Hall of Fame last evening where eleven former Howland Schools alumni were honored. more »»

Integrity impels you to fight for all people

November 24, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: I have a guilty pleasure called ‘‘Family Guy.’’ The baby genius, Stewie, in one episode said, “Take me to the hospital and for God’s sake please do not let me be seen by a black docto. more »»

Al Gore did more harm than good

November 18, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: Politics on the national level is like watching a play about kings written by William Shakespeare. When Vice President Al Gore lost the 2000 election to W., the VP went into depressio. more »»

Letter writer lacks scientific literacy

November 18, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: In the Nov. 10 edition, a Mr. James Dunlap of Mineral Ridge was really wound up about a Mr. Andrew Herman. more »»

Packard should offer reserved seating

November 17, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: I think Warren Civic Music brings top-notch entertainment to the Packard Music Hall. I know the gal who gets the talent and she, Elly Monchak, does an excellent jo. more »»

Disabled mistreated at local McDonald’s

November 17, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: Very frustrated! Store #3434 McDonald’s, 4291 Mahoning Ave, Champion, OH 44483-1928. My family and I were here on Sunday, Nov. 10, around 6 p.m. more »»

Never give up will of people for will of self

November 17, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: The shortest letter I think I’ve ever sent. It proves my point on my opposition to Ben Franklin’s quote of anyone who thinks giving up a little liberty for security deserves neither. more »»

Obamacare coverage turns out to be better

November 17, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: The process of repetition is well-established among humans as a way of maintaining control and stability over their lives. more »»



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