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Driver could have stopped

December 29, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: To the man driving down Mahoning Avenue in front of Packard Music Hall on Christmas Eve afternoon around 1 p.m. more »»

Wake up about Vietnam

December 29, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: “Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” This is my favorite part of the Declaration of Independence. more »»

Pope’s words make good lesson

December 29, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: Recently, Pope Francis made a speech that, in part, spoke of “unfettered capitalism.” While most anything the pope says or does makes headlines, this in particular made quite a stir. more »»

Schools just want money back

December 23, 2013 The Grinch, a.k.a. charter schools (or, ‘‘for profit’’), continues to plunder ‘‘under our tree’’ and to steal our money. The evidence against these thieves of our local tax dollars is crushin. more »»

Some pipelines are keys to our future

December 22, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: The transformation that is taking place in the Mahoning Valley’s economy is in part because of the Utica Shale. more »»

No easy answers for drug addiction

December 22, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: As you celebrate this holiday I ask that you please remember in your thoughts, prayers and most especially in your hearts the people who struggle every day against a demon for which... more »»

Santa, please don’t text while flying

December 22, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: Actually, dear Santa. I’m writing to you a list of changes that you may be concerned with this year in your delivery of presents. more »»

Wonderful show except for parking

December 22, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: Wow and double wow. Kenny Rogers put on a wonderful show. He sang all his hits. His voice is still very goo. more »»

Insurance policy pays most of bill

December 22, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: This is in response to a recent letter to the editor from Ian McAlee. more »»

Driver’s license icon should be OK for vet

December 22, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: On Nov. 11, 2013, I purchased two appliances from Lowe’s store in the Eastwood Mall complex. I showed my military discharge icon on my Ohio State driver’s license. more »»

Thanks for making Christmas special

December 21, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was blessed to take part in a community service project in which we decided to join forces with the 5/6 Council at Youngstown Air Reserve Station an... more »»

ACA still better than insurance

December 19, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: If an American citizen takes advantage of help from the U.S. government, such as the Affordable Care Act, the radical right actually compares it to modern slavery. more »»

Store took away joy of gift-giving

December 19, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: Christmas is supposed to be a time for giving and blessings. more »»

‘Butler’ important despite inaccuracies

December 17, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: The first scene in Lee Daniel’s film “The Butler” sparks a bit of controversy. The setting is Macon, Ga., in 1926. It’s harvest season on a big cotton plantation. more »»

Government is biggest threat

December 15, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: In the Saturday, Dec. 7, Tribune Chronicle on page 7B there is an article titled “Ohio won’t comply with new federal driver’s license rule. more »»

Warren proves Darwin experiment

December 15, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: The intelligent design theory of natural science states that the Bible’s explanation of the creation of life on earth is true and that evolution is misleadin. more »»

Welfare help should have some limits

December 15, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: I was reading the letter on “Abuse of Food Stamps” in the Tribune Chronicle and I have to say that I tend to agree with the writer of the letter. more »»

The government deserves mistrust

December 15, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: Think about it, Washington has one of the highest homeless rates. There are 15,000 in D.C. alone, with the unemployment rate of 6. more »»

Salute to President Nelson Mandela

December 15, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: He was one of the greatest men who ever lived. After being locked up for 27 years, he forgave the jailers. more »»

Religion no excuse to ignore the law

December 15, 2013 DEAR EDITOR: The Supreme Court of the United States is about to take up a so-called religious freedom issue with corporations on the Affordable Care Act and contraceptives. more »»



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