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Beware of cataract laser procedure

January 26, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: Cataract laser, is this a gimmick? I applaud eye care for the information on the laser for cataract surgery. As with all new technologies there is always an initial level of enthusiasm. more »»

Eye for an eye should be the law

January 26, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: I am disgusted with the way our judicial system is these days. They slap the guilty party on the wrist and let them go. I believe the Bible says an eye for an eye. more »»

Teens need to hear dangers of alcohol

January 22, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: Congratulations to all of the local school districts who observed “Red Ribbon Week” with speakers attesting to the risks of alcohol and drug abuse. more »»

Lawyers compete but won’t win

January 21, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: On Wednesday of last week I was involved in a minor traffic accident. While stopped at a red light, I was hit from behind. Moments after an accident, humans seem to run on autopilot. more »»

First Energy helps the environment

January 21, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: It seems so often we read about corporations not doing their part when it comes to the environment. Well, this past summer I had the opportunity to witness just the opposite. more »»

Fracking policies should be enforced

January 19, 2014 Dear Editor Living my entire life in the Valley, I, like so many others, am somewhat skeptical when a potential economic boost is introduced. more »»

Union will hurt rank-and-file workers

January 19, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: Along with my coworkers at Vallourec Star (V&M), I will be voting Jan. 21-23 on whether or not to have labor union representatio. more »»

Economy can grow with or without union

January 19, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: It’s nice to hear that Lordstown, Liberty and Youngstown are in the process of getting new businesses in their respective areas. more »»

Honoring Cashman’s philanthropy legacy

January 19, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: “Opinion,” Sunday Jan. 12, 2014, Tribune Chronicle. A picture is worth a thousand words. The cartoon by . more »»

‘Element of surprise’ can ruin livelihood

January 19, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: The “element of surprise” is a strategy played on a battlefield in war. It may also change social behavior. Someone holds up a glass of alcohol and makes a toas. more »»

Russia’s stance on gays is unacceptable

January 19, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: President Obama has named three openly gay Americans to the delegation that will represent the United States in Sochi, Russia, next month at the 2014 Winter Olympics. more »»

Climate based on science, not politics

January 19, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: Making an argument against global warming on a cold day in the middle of January is as ridiculous as making a case for global warming on a hot day in the middle of July. more »»

Web comments helped spread ideas

January 19, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: I’m writing in response to a letter to the editor on Jan. 5, 2014, by M.A. of Warren. I personally thought the comment section was a very good idea. more »»

Insurance facts seek to set record straight

January 15, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: With your editorial ‘‘Start a riot over Heltzel comment,’’ you continue your record of suspect journalism and a disregard, or at least ignorance, of the facts. more »»

No riot necessary to get a response

January 15, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: This letter is written in response to the editorial, ‘‘Start a riot over Heltzel comment’’ that was published on Dec. 9 of last year. more »»

Join revitalization of Warren neighborhood

January 12, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: I am so happy that the houses are finally coming down, with the Moving Ohio Forward Grant money from the state of Ohio. more »»

King Graves Road site of many crashes

January 12, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: I am writing to say that the Howland Police Department might not have seen a body on King Graves Road due to lack of lighting and the distance from the scen. more »»

Nation is headed down wrong path

January 12, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: Crime has gone rampant in the last few years. There is now a high volume of drugs in communities across America. Every year there is more violence and it just keeps growing. more »»

Obamacare targets osteopathic medicine

January 12, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: What is osteopathic medicine? There are two types of medical doctors in the United States of Americ. more »»

Beware of digital takeover of family

January 12, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and connected with family and friends, which is of the utmost importance. more »»



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