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Charities need help even after holidays

January 8, 2014 Christmas is over, and that means many area residents have put away their altruistic impulses along with the holiday decoration. more »»

Septic rules need careful consideration

January 7, 2014 Building that dream home in the country may get substantially more expensive for Ohioans this year. more »»

Conflict could pose problem for pipeline

January 7, 2014 For five years, President Obama has delayed making a decision whether to allow construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada to the United States. more »»

Statistics on addicted babies needed now

January 6, 2014 A substantial number of babies born in Ohio come into the world addicted to illegal drugs. It is a problem everywhere. more »»

Habitual DUI registry needs better maintenance

January 6, 2014 Among the most worrisome threats to the safety of the motoring public are habitual drunken drivers — men and women who continue to get behind the wheel while intoxicated even after having been... more »»

Violence program needs work

January 5, 2014 They number more than a dozen. The men are identified as some of the most violent offenders in Trumbull County on parole or probatio. more »»

Jail explains after sink stink

January 5, 2014 A couple weeks ago in this space we suggested that Trumbull County officials should provide an explanation to taxpayers on why they must pay for new sinks in the jail. more »»

Orchids & onions

January 4, 2014 ORCHID: To Windham High School students who partnered with Junior Achievement of North Central Ohio to teach JA programs to 12 classrooms of kindergarten through fifth-grade students at Katherine... more »»

More tax dollars wasted

January 2, 2014 Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., has released his annual ‘‘Wastebook,’’ giving us all a window into the positively absurd ways in which the federal government spends the hard-earned tax dollars we give . more »»

Borrowing cap raised again

January 2, 2014 Remember earlier this month, when official Washington was assuring the American people a controversial budget deal would prevent any new fiscal crises for some time to come? Well, forget it. more »»

Readiness in face of public threat

January 1, 2014 Officials in Ohio are doing their best to get ahead of the game, and are making fantastic strides in public safety and emergency management. more »»

Second housing crisis on horizon

January 1, 2014 The ‘‘Great Recession’’ from which the nation still is recovering was sparked in large measure by a massive downturn in real estate markets. more »»

Failing third graders need help

December 31, 2013 An Ohio initiative to improve literacy for elementary school students has hit its first milestone, as fall reading test results were released this month. more »»

Expensive fixes won’t solve crashes

December 30, 2013 The spectacular and fatal train crash on the MetroNorth line in New York earlier this month brought about renewed calls for a faster installation of positive train control systems across the nation’... more »»

‘Privacy’ serves as an excuse

December 30, 2013 Reports of students disciplined for taking guns to school are seen in the news infrequently. It does not happen often — but it may be a bigger problem in Ohio than most people think. more »»

Uphold ruling on cross-state air pollution

December 29, 2013 Ohio and West Virginia are among nine states targeted by our neighbors to the north and east in another attempt to burden our people with higher electric bills and our industries with job-killing ne... more »»

Orchids & Onions

December 28, 2013 ORCHID: To the Warren Family Mission for serving hundreds of meals during its annual Christmas dinner on Dec. 23 and brunch on Christmas Day at the Elm Road facility. more »»

Obamacare warnings come to pass

December 27, 2013 For three years or so, we have been warning the new national health care law — the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare — would devastate the Medicare program on which millions of older Americans re. more »»

Bill to ensure help for mentally ill

December 27, 2013 Too often, the mentally ill do not receive the help they need, even when it is apparent they are threats to themselves and / or others. A new study of the school massacre in Newtown, Conn. more »»

Pentagon must account for spending

December 26, 2013 The Pentagon cannot account for more than $8 trillion U.S. taxpayers have given it since 1996, according to a report by the Reuters news agency. more »»



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