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Only work, humility will lead to happiness

April 16, 2014 Perhaps the key to human happiness is waiting for you in your heart of hearts. Let’s look all the way back to Adam and Eve’s boys Cain and Abel for a clue into our species’ weakness. more »»

Reality imitating art imitating reality

April 1, 2014 A black gentleman from Akron purportedly claims to be more fearful of seeing several black teens walking toward him than if they were white teens. more »»

Springtime means good fishing

March 18, 2014 It is with some reservation that I give away my best fishing advice. But then again sharing is caring. more »»

Frederick Douglass’ spirit returns

March 4, 2014 Today is 138 years to the day (March 1) since the great black American orator and abolitionist, Frederick Douglass, visited Warren in 1876. He had also made one pre-Civil War visit in 1847. more »»

Trying to enjoy a harsh winter

February 18, 2014 This cold winter weather has a way of wearing us down and making us all stir crazy. So we need to dig deep and find ways to appreciate Ohio’s most challenging season. more »»

Welfare road is not road to travel

February 18, 2014 DEAR EDITOR: We are ‘‘celebrating’’ that 50-years ago, U.S. President Lyndon Johnson, declared War on Poverty. In that time period, this was soon followed by Whip Inflation Now. more »»

Racism: Delusion to overcome

February 4, 2014 Happy Black History Month to all connoisseurs of soul across the Valley. more »»

Addiction takes only one time

January 21, 2014 Recent heroin busts in Warren aren’t even the tip of the iceberg. This problem has been growing nationwide for more than a decade. more »»

Public education accountability

January 7, 2014 Combine accountability in public education with entitlements. more »»

Jackpots and teachable moments

December 24, 2013 As of Dec. 17, the Mega Millions jackpot was a record $648 million, and if nobody hits it this time we could see the world’s first billion dollar jackpot. more »»

Mandela set example of acceptance

December 10, 2013 Every night, my family’s dinner prayer begins with the words, ‘‘God bless our family in America and in Africa, and help all of the people in the world who do not have food to get food. more »»

Do turkeys have souls? Some food for thought

November 26, 2013 Animal spirits often personify moral lessons of good or evil in Native American cultures. more »»

Drugs-n-thugs require decisive action

November 12, 2013 In America criminals have more rights than law-abiding taxpayers. Last week, the Supreme Court ruled against using drug-sniffing dogs at traffic stops without probable cause. more »»

Here’s some reasons to vote yes on school levies

October 29, 2013 If you need a good reason to vote [x] yes on your local public school levy, please read to the end of this column. more »»

‘Stuck in Ohio’ and loving it

October 15, 2013 I’m sure you’ve seen the “Stuck in Ohio” bumper stickers. I can vividly remember how irritated I was when they first came out. more »»

Education reform that makes sense

October 1, 2013 At very great expense for all, Ohio’s education reform makes too little sense. more »»

Parenting woes in the modern era

September 17, 2013 This is a sad era when the average American father no longer brings home an income to match his modern family’s “modern need. more »»

Keep Bill Horton’s enthusiasm alive

September 8, 2013 Bill Horton of Southington was an accomplished electrician and electrical contractor, who wore too many hats around Trumbull County to list. more »»

The thug ‘life’ is based on lies

September 2, 2013 The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. summed it up, “Violence solves no social problems; it merely creates new and more complicated ones. more »»

Public education is misguided

August 14, 2013 As a trained scientist, I do my best to let the facts speak for themselves, keeping my personal feelings separated from conclusions. It’s never been more difficult. more »»

Uncle Sam wants you to get dirty

July 23, 2013 Expert interpretations of the fossil record agree that more than 95 percent of all living things have gone extinct.. Thus, the law: Adapt to changing times or go extinct. more »»



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